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Good Entry: Perpetuals and LP’s revolutionized

Good Entry, a new perpetual trading and yield farming platform on Arbitrum, opened its metaphoric doors to the Defi community this year,
with the goal to be a community owned project. Good Entry Labs’ fresh angle, “Protected Perps” offers traders the tools needed
to reduce liquidation risk by focusing on time (block by block funding) rather than price action wicks.

Characterised by a relaxed user experience, Protected Perps traders need not be preoccupied with liquidation threshold risk.
The chill vibe doesn’t end there:

“ezVaults”, Good Entry’s response to Liquidity Providers’ woes, takes LP contribution and management to next level: max chillax.

No need to balance two different assets, as with tradition LP pools. ezVaults are distributed into four independent tickers,
(separate tight range Uniswap V3 positions), determined by the Good Entry team.

eZvaults ⇔ eZpeazy

Say, for example, providers wish to contribute liquidity to LP pools, but don’t hold the underlying assets in a bear market. No worries.
Those bears, with a stock pile of stables looking for passive yield, need not swap! Just click & deposit USDC.

ezVault profits are generated primarily from swap fees, with secondary profit sources from the borrow fees.

“Tickers do not necessarily hold the same asset type. They can contain either the asset or the stablecoin it is trading against…
The objective for LPs is for market price to keep trading back and forth as many times for each ticker, so that more swap fees are earned.”

Traditional AMM user concerns are stress ridden over Impermanent Loss risk. Conversely, ezVaults concentrated
Uniswap V3 ticker-range limit this risk “within tolerable parameters because the swap fees, borrow fees and
any additional token yields should exceed impermanent loss.”

eZ said , eZ done

Good Entry - Protected Perps native to Arbitrum

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