Subordinate Voting Shares - SVS

Arkon Acquisitions Inc. is offering a limited private issue of Subordinate Voting Shares (SVS).

Accredited investors and entrepreneurially-spirited individuals seeking an exclusive investment
opportunity as non-public holders are invited to participate in this current issuance. Fund operators
pursuing directed private equity investment mandates are also welcome.

Arkon's private Subordinate Voting Shares have an issue price of $1.00 USD per share.
A minimum subscription is currently 1000 shares and is subject to change or acceptance.

SVS are an exclusive, not publicly available, limited issue. They require no meetings or
mandatory service, have no investing fees, and carry limited voting and management rights.

Refer to the SVS Information and SVS Term Sheet attached for more details.

Arkon reserves the right to close the subscription book at any time.
This webpage is intended for informational purpose only, and is not a solicitation for
the sale of any products or investments in any jurisdiction that does not so permit.

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Our Management Team is comprised of three senior directors who have decades of expertise in management,
investment, and specialized fields relating to the functions and operations of the corporation.
The team is further supported by advisors with negotiations and financing experience.
Divisional specialists also support the daily activities of the Management Team.


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