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Our team takes a decisive entrepreneurial approach to our investment pursuits.
We retain strong positions in established operations while acquiring holdings in industry-related firms.
This ultimately produces gains from targets while allowing us to accumulate the best from each industry.
We work with outstanding managers in each division and business line to develop unique, lucrative synergies.


Quality: Everything we build merits detailed attention. This benefits our clients, our employees, and our owners.
Passion: We love what we do, which strongly supports our focus of purpose.
Trust: Honesty and Integrity are ingrained into our fabric. These are our building blocks for true relationships.
Constant Improvement: Always work to improve. Find a better way.
Leadership: Do what others say can't be done.


Arkon Acquisitions is an Ontario Corporation that began in 1990 under the name North Western Enterprises Ltd.
It was established as a private investment company.
Paced, debt free growth followed inception.

In 2005, Arkon acquired MudsharkAudio, a registered partnership, and Arkangel Productions.
MudsharkAudio is an audio recording and restoration company.
Arkangel Productions was a graphic design business that was later amalgamated with Lightning in A Bottle.

Arkon expanded divisions in 2012 through the inclusion of SoundTrail, an audio production firm, Audiopath, an equipment rental company, and Fenris Financial, a financial investment business.

In 2017, Arkon ventured into the crypto-markets with an investment in Blackline Accretive, a crypto-currency investment firm.

Arkon solidified its brand with an official name change in 2019.

In 2021, Blackline expanded its holdings to reflect its business focus.
SoundTrail Productions internally absorbed Aloysius Pictures and Audiopath.
Fenris Financial Group acquired investment firm Kaminac Ventures Ltd.
Thus establishing Arkon with three cutting-edge, highly focussed divisions.

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